CTS T4 Options Pro

T4 Options Pro is a complete options system utilizing single and multi-window environments giving the user ability to completely organize their workspace and save multiple layouts. All CTS supported exchanges are included.

CTS maintain their own exchange connectivity and the equipment necessary to operate the CTS network at multiple data centers. Hosting allows CTS to control and maintain a robust, fast, and reliable network that meets all of a trader’s requirements and more. This stable and efficient network is the foundation for a state-of-the-art front end. All you need is internet connectivity.

Key Features

Having the Advanced Data & Charting package is also recommended. The Options Pro system includes:

Theoretical Sheets

Fast and simple setup: Create a sheet in seconds
Heat map on bid, offer, and last trade
Last trade includes spreads and outrights
Click trade options and futures directly from the sheet
Ladder and price prompt trade entry methods
Horizontal and vertical sheets with fully customizable colors, views and formats
Multiple sheets in one window or independent windows
Dynamic views
Working orders appear directly in the sheet
Very low maintenance
Strikes and months are automatically added
Months are removed automatically at expiration
Futures automatically tied
Expiration date set automatically

Option Strategies

UDS (User Defined Strategy)
UDS creation
RFQ (Request For Quote)
Trade directly from RFQ
Save a strategy for future reference
Theoretical comparison
Click tradable
Heat mapped
Sortable by net edge, date and time, greeks, etc
Group by common strategy name

Strategy Solver

Solve for spreads theoretical values, greeks and OE’s.
Instantly see strategy’s current market value with heat map
UDS / RFQ: Trade and create user defined strategies
Simple UDS creation
Trade from window

Portfolio Analyzer

Click trade options and futures from the analyzer
Create strategies from inventory
Multiple risk reports including slide risk, account inventory, theoretical trade P&L and Portfolio P&L
Dynamic views
Quick Hedge

Model Management

Manage models, volatility, skews and time
Valuation Models: Whaley, Black and Bi-Nominal
Skew Models: Linear, cubic spline, smoothing (with wing flatteners), cat mull rom, monotone
Skew Building Methods: Slope, Multiple Slope, Vols per strike, and 4 fit / adapt methods including current market volatility and settlement volatility
Complete volatility and skew management: Upside, downside, pivot, tilt, width and shift, including linear type adjusts to curves
Add studies to skew chart: Standard deviation and histogram

Mobile Solutions

Email fills (effective for overnight gamma fills)


Create your own customized functionality or your own black box system using T4’s available API.

Version Features

See the functionality available in each version of T4 here or check out our training videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/CTSFutures

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